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fire alarm systems

Ask Metro Fire consults with you to ensure you get the right

fire alarm system for your business.  With our experienced

team of professionals you can be assured that industry

standards will be met and that your business premises will

be protected.

  • Design, supply and installation of you fire alarm system 

designed specially for your business.

  • Addressable and conventional system

  • A choice of automatic or manual systems

  • Residential smoke detection system

  • Interconnected smoke alarm for houses to NZS 4514

  • VESDA – Very early smoke detection apparatus

  • EWIS – Emgergency warming intercommunication systems

types of fire alarm systems
  • The New Zealand Building Code acceptable solution C/AS1 classifies the types of fire alarm systems as follows:

  • Type 1 – Domestic smoke alarm system

  • Type 2 – A manual fire alarm system only, activated by manual call


  • Type 3 – An automatic fire alarm activated by heat detectors and

       manual call points

  • Type 4 – An automatic fire alarm system, activated by smoke

       detectors and manual call points

  • Type 5 – A variation to a Type 4 that allows smoke detectors in some

       fire cells to sound as a local alarm only, provided that heat detectors are        also installed in those fire cells

  • Type 6 – This is an automatic sprinkler system and a Type 2 alarm system

  • Type 7 – This is a combined Type 6 and Type 4 alarm system (including a Type 2 system) Sprinkler installation should comply with the requirements of a Type 6 system

manual call point
smoke detector
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