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Fire Extinguisher Training


Ask Metro Fire can coordinate Fire Extinguisher Training providing participants with basic knowledge and skills for the use of Dry Powder, Water, Foam and Co2 Fire Extinguishers. Other type extinguishers may be used. The course will consist of theory and practical training where participants are to extinguish a fire in various situations.

Fire Warden Training


Fire Warden Training Course trains staff to effectively react suitably in the event of a live fire situation or fire evacuation drill. Ask Metro Fire can assist you with your requirements.

Trial Evacuation Drills / Evacuation Scheme


Building owners must ensure the building complies with the Fire Service Act 1975 (“Act”) and the Fire Safety and Evacuation of Buildings Regulations 2006 (“Regulations”).


Fire Extinguishers / Hose Reels

Ask Metro Fire offer a range of fire extinguishers and hose reels to our customers in accordance with systems documentation and NZS 4503:2005.


We supply both the commercial or residential markets and we provide the most reliable fire extinguishers and safety equipment available. If you require a specific extinguisher or hose reel we will help source it for you.

fire extinguishers
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