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Ask Metro Fire consults with you to ensure you get the right fire alarm system for your business.  With our experienced team of professionals you can be assured that industry standards will be met and that your business premises will be protected.


Ask Metro Fire are able to design and install an

automatic sprinkler system specifically for your business

and fire risk. All our sprinkler systems fully comply to industry standards and government regulations. Automatic sprinkler systems are regarded as the most effective method of controlling a fire.


Fire Sprinklers

Ask Metro Fire designs, installs and commissions reliable, cost effective sprinkler systems by carefully analysing buildings and their contents in terms of occupancy, operation and Fire Risk.

These systems are engineered to comply with the relevant New Zealand and International standards, using the latest in Fire Protection technology. They are important for life safety and prevent fires from reaching destructive proportions, which could mean the difference between a minor interruption and a prolonged or permanent shutdown.

Ask Metro Fire can design and install a sprinkler system for all types of buildings including specialised industrial warehouses, shopping centres, hospitals, commercial towers, apartment complexes, rest homes, hotels, schools, libraries and many more.

Ask Metro Fire has experience with all the above systems.

Install sprinkler and alarm systems
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