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sprinkler systems

Ask Metro Fire are able to design and install an automatic

sprinkler system specifically for your business and fire risk.

All our sprinkler systems are are fully compliant to 

industry standards and government regulations.


Automatic sprinkler systems are regarded as the
most effective method of controlling a fire.


Fire Sprinklers

Ask Metro Fire designs, installs and commissions reliable, cost effective

sprinkler systems by carefully analysing buildings and their contents in terms

of occupancy, operation and Fire Risk.

These systems are engineered to comply with the relevant New Zealand and International standards, using the latest in Fire Protection technology. They are important for life safety and prevent fires from reaching destructive proportions,

which could mean the difference between a minor interruption and a prolonged or permanent shutdown.

Ask Metro Fire can design and install a sprinkler system for all types of buildings including specialised industrial warehouses, shopping centres, hospitals,

commercial towers, apartment complexes, rest homes, hotels, schools,

libraries and many more.

Ask Metro Fire has experience with all the above systems.


Sprinkler System Design

Each sprinkler system is designed to ensure that:

The occupancy of the risk to be protected is identified according to

the amount of combustibility of the contents and the likely fire

intensity, in order to determine the density of water needed to

control the fire.

The water distributing system (the pipework arrangement) is

designed so it will be capable of delivering water throughout the

premises with the most economic array to suit the water supply.

Hazard Classifications

Based on sprinkler performance records, the majority of occupancies

fall into four groups:

  • Extra Light Hazard – Non industrial where amounts and combustibility of

  contents is low. Examples include schools, office buildings and offices.

  • Ordinary Hazard – Handling and processing mainly ordinary

  combustible materials unlikely to develop into intensely burning fires in initial                 stages. Examples include retail complexes and basic manufacturing 


  • Extra High Hazard – Goods storage with abnormal fire loads likely to produce exceptionally intense fires with high rates of heat release. Examples include most warehousing occupancies.

  • Process Hazards – Extra hazardous, when rapid, intensely burning fires are likely to develop.Examples include processing mills and flammable liquid manufacturing

Ask Metro Fire can design and install specialist systems such as:

  • Pre-action

  • Freezer

  • Water spray

  • Fire hydrant

  • Hose reel

Fire Sprinkler System for Houses:

Ask Metro Fire can design and install sprinkler systems for single occupancy dwellings (houses) to meet NZS4517:2010 standards.

These systems are a simplified automatic sprinkler system for cost effective protection for domestic occupancies which will contribute to the prevention of loss of life.

fire sprinkler
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