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Theory session

Participants will take part in a 90 minute theory session

covering the following:

  • Basic Fire Science 

  • Classification of Fire 

  • Common Fire Hazards 

  • Fire Spread

  • Risk Assessment 

  • Detecting and extinguishing fires 

  • Types of extinguishers and their uses


Practical session

After the participants have understood the theory of fire and how it spreads, they will begin a practical session where they will extinguish virtual fires with the BullsEye™ extinguisher. This is a specially designed program to give them a hands on experience in how an extinguisher really feels and works. During this practical training, they will extinguish the following fires using hand held equipment: 


Hand Held Fire-Fighting Equipment:

  • Co2 

  • ABE Dry Powder 

  • Water

  • Fire Blanket

Type of fire:

  • A vat and frying pan fire (Class F - Fats and Oils) 

  • Rubbish bin fire (Class A- Ordinary combustibles-wood, paper and plastics) 

  • Switchboard fire (Class E – Electrically energised equipment)

  • The main demonstration tray (Class B, C – Flammable and combustible liquids and gases)

Course completion


As part of this course attendees can extend the theory sections with a small amount of theory homework to obtain unit standard NZQA 3271. It is also a requirement of  NZ Health and Safety laws to train employees in the use of all safety equipment provided. Ask Metro Fire Ltd can provide certificates of course completion if required. 

Please contact our office for course costs and maximum attendee numbers

fire extinguisher training


Handheld fire-fighting equipment can be difficult to master, and using it for the first time to extinguish a real fire can be an extremely dangerous. If these tools are not used correctly, they can actually cause fire to spread. Ask Metro Fire can conduct important fire safety education training for the entire community. Using The BullsEye™ Laser-Driven Fire Extinguisher Training System means we can train safely in any setting.


We bring our fire prevention program directly to you – complete training with no hazard and no mess.

The BullsEye™ eliminates the time consuming cleanup and expense associated with using an actual foam extinguisher, allowing us to train more people in less time. 

Our courses cover theory and practical training. They take

approximately three hours and can be organised in your

own office/factory setting.

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